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Taxi Transfer to from Sri Lanka Colombo Bandaranaike Airport to Hikkaduwa

Vehicle Type From CMB To CMB Both
1-3 SEDAN CAR 10800LKR 10200LKR 20500LKR
1-3 NEW SEDAN CAR 12200LKR 11600LKR 23000LKR
1-5 PAX VAN 11400LKR 10800LKR 22000LKR
1-7 PAX VAN 13600LKR 13000LKR 26000LKR
1-9 PAX VAN Contact us Contact us Contact us
1-16 PAX VAN Contact us Contact us Contact us

Distance between Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)|Katunayake International Airport| Negombo International Airport|Colombo International Airport(CMB) to Hikkaduwa distance,


Travel time between Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)|Katunayake International Airport|Negombo International Airport|Colombo International Airport(CMB) to Hikkaduwa travel time,

150 - 180 Minute(s)

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About Hikkaduwa

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Taxi to Hikkaduwa Taxi from negombo to Hikkaduwa Taxi from Colombo to Hikkaduwa Airport to Hikkaduwa Airport transfer to Hikkaduwa Colombo Airport to Hikkaduwa Taxi from Colombo Airport to Hikkaduwa Distance from airport to Hikkaduwa Distance from Colombo airport to Hikkaduwa Bandaranaike international airport to Hikkaduwa Colombo Airport Hikkaduwa Taxi Airport Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa to Colombo Hikkaduwa to Colombo Km Hikkaduwa to Colombo distance distance between Hikkaduwa to Colombo Colombo to Hikkaduwa distance km Hikkaduwa map Hikkaduwa weather Hikkaduwa Colombo Travel time


I want to go to Hikkaduwa from Colombo airport with 1-16 PAX VAN, and please tell me about the price for 1 person, thank you ? [Cena]

we Need a Transfer to Hikkaduwa for 4 People. Price? ? [Thomas Müller] - we Need a Transfer to Hikkaduwa for 4 Persons. Price? [Thomas Müller]

Hallo.Was kostet taxi von Colombo Flughafen nach Hikkaduwa.Am 2 March 01:30.(4 Personen) Gruss .Rain ? [Rain]

hello, how is the price for 2 persons from colombo airport to hikkaduwa? please let me know. regards gaby bindl ? [Bindl Gaby]

Hallo What is your best price for transfer from Colombo International Airport to Hikkaduwa? We are two persons arriving at the Airport the 9th of January at 7.30 PM. Regards Lisette ? [Lisette Moeller-Nielsen]

Hello, We arrive on sun 27/03/16 (04h40). We are 2 adults and 2 children , we have 2 surfboards. (We have straps to mount surfboards on roof if necessary) How much would it cost to take us to Narigama, Hikkaduwa? ? [Peeters]

If you have any questions regarding Hikkaduwa transfer please feel free to ask us. ? [Hikkaduwa Taxi] - dear ladies and gentlemen, we will arrive at Colombo airport on 11th January at 4.35 am. what is your offer to transfer us to hikkaduwa - hotel finlanka?! thx and best regards, dAniela [daniela gostenig]

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